User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Ensure applications are fit for business purpose. Understand the objectives, roles & responsibilities of an Acceptance Tester.

A RISK-BASED APPROACH TO USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING (UAT). UAT is used widely across industries, ensuring that applications are fit for business purpose. This course is designed for testers and business users looking to effectively perform User Acceptance Testing and deliver high-quality business systems. Developing you into a valued member of any IT project. This course has no prerequisites and is able to be undertaken by anyone interested in Business Analysis.

Why is User Acceptance Testing critical?

  • Minimise Business Risk

    Risk based approach to determining fit for purpose systems & solutions

  • Real & Practical Outcomes

    Create real and re-useable test documentation

  • Facilitate Better Outcomes

    Learn, Adopt and Refine best practice outcomes for improved UAT practices across your organisation

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Course (2-Days)

$1,850 + GST

The Business Analysis Foundation, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) & Modelling Business Processes courses are delivered by Certified Trainers from Planit Software Testing.
Planit Software Testing is an British Computer Society (BCS) Accredited Training Organisation.